Posturepedic SAM - Limited Edition Models

Sealy Posturepedic® SAM Cushion Firm and SAM Firm

Backed by orthopaedic research, Sealy collaborated with orthopaedic surgeons from its OAB (Orthopaedic Advisory Board) and developed the Spinal Alignment Mannequins (SAM) to understand the impact mattress design has on the body. Get your Posturepedic® SAM mattress today!


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Bedframe Collection

Be the creator of your own bedframe

Just like a mattress, bedframe is also a personal and intimate item that will be used to complement and provide support to your mattress night after night.

It is also a reflection of your personal style. Similar to choosing a mattress that suits your personal preferences, we believe that you should be provided with the option to create your own bedframe too.In an easy and step-by-step process, start by choosing the type of bedframe that matches your needs and customise it with your preferred headboard design and upholstery. From light, neutral-coloured materials to dark-coloured fabrics, find the perfect colour scheme that complements with the style of your bedroom.Once you are happy with your selection, press the order button to kickstart the project of seeing your very own creation come to life.