Sealy Posturepedic® Elevate Ultra – Hotel Collection

The Sealy Posturepedic® Hotel Collection is designed with a contemporary look. Crafted with the luxurious feel of hotel mattresses in mind, each mattress is made to cater to the different type of feels which are popular amongst those who have stayed in five or six-star hotels.

Sleep on a ‘Hotel Collection’ mattress today and you will wake up feeling more pampered than ever!.

    • An intuitive two-stage coil system senses your weight and responds with the support needed to help maintain your body's natural alignment. Reinforced with Titanium alloy for enhanced strength and durability.
    • Locks into the support system to provide a stable sleep surface and to help reduce motion transfer for a blissful night’s sleep.
      • ComfortCore® Premium – a layer of high density pure latex in the centre-third of the mattress offers a greater level of conformance to the back and hip area
      • Comfort Layers - Poly/ Wool Fibre, Super Soft Foam (x2), Ultra Soft Foam, High Performance Foam, High Density Foam, Dura Pad.
      • SmarTex® Fabric – Responds only when it’s needed to disperse heat and moisture so you can sleep more comfortably.
      • LiftRight® Wrap Handles – located on each corner and side of the mattress as additional gripping points to make moving your mattress easier. 
      • Ice-Touch® Technology - The Ice-Touch® mattress does not simply cool you down, it is cool-to-touch and provides an instant cooling effect on the skin. You will fall asleep more quickly, enjoying a qualitative night’s rest. 
      • Spacer Gusset – Innovative breathable fabric to improve ventilation and airflow throughout the night
      • 10 Year Guarantee
      • Mattress Thickness/Height: approx. 34cm
Prices listed do not include bed base, unless stated otherwise. However, we offer a bundle price for bedframe with every purchase of a Sealy mattress. Drop us a message to find out more.


    • Single/super single: Receive one Sealy Premium pillow and one mattress protector worth up to $110
    • Queen/King: Receive two Sealy Premium pillows and one mattress protector worth up to $190

Dimensions (width by length)

91 x 190 cm

Super Single
107 x 190 cm

152 x 190 cm

183 x 190 cm